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The Equus Effect

Why Horses?

because they're honest … how they feel is what they do

HORSES have three qualities that make them naturals at guiding people toward more effectiveness in the world

The Wisdom of The Prey

Their existence for 55 million-years has depended upon their ability to sense the heart rate, muscle tension and breathing of others from 30 feet away has served them pretty well. They're hard wired to find the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' that we, as both predators and prey, try so hard to conceal. They do so however, without judgment, malice or repercussions.

The Lack of Hidden Agendas

How they feel is exactly how they act. They don't talk so they don't lie. They also let us know EXACTLY how they feel about how we act with them . They're big, organic biofeedback machines.

Horses don't care where you live or where you come from, they care about how you are with them right now. They teach presence, honesty and cooperation.

Transparent Trust

Horses are very clear about trust. Their nature as prey animals is to question the intentions of everyone and everything around them. So, when they trust you, they mean it and what that means is you're trustworthy.

There is nothing more heartwarming or empowering than to gain the trust of an animal who's both very selective and totally honest about whom he chooses to follow… especially when he or she has a choice.

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