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The Equus Effect

Programs for Women

The Equus Effect Photo The Equus Effect Photo The Equus Effect Photo The Equus Effect Photo The Equus Effect Photo

We work with women who are making their way out of unhealthy relationships, women transitioning from the military, women who work with others in the healing arts and women in recovery from PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL OR SPIRITUAL DIS-EASES. We are completely client-centered here, so we will meet you wherever you are on your journey.

All of what we do here is centered on rebuilding healthy relationships and we have specific exercises that address one's ability to set healthy boundaries or ask for what you want without getting upset.

Our goal is to help women find their own voices by becoming more grounded, clearer and more connected to their own wishes. We help break through self-limiting patterns and help our clients see for themselves what happens when they change.

Horses provide instant, honest feedback so that when a woman changes her approach and behavior, the change is apparent to all. As prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to the intentions and emotional congruence of those around them, so it's easy to make changes in real time, right now.

Get in touch with Jane and we'll help you find the appropriate program and format to help you meet your goals.

Women on the Move

For women veterans and active-duty military

For women who have been or are now serving in the military, we offer programs similar to our programs for other veterans with special attention to the particular challenges you may be facing at home, work or school. We know that all veterans are not the same and we know that it helps to address some issues and concerns with women-only groups or with individual coaching. We are happy to do that — in any way that makes sense for you.

Get in touch with Jane and we'll help you choose a way to work that works for you.

I had forgotten how much I needed to open up again and take the time to trust my own sense of things in my life. It wasn't easy there and it wasn't easy coming home, but if you don't start somewhere, nothing ever changes. This was the easiest way to begin I can imagine. JD - OEF

Also, learn more about veterans' programs

True North

For caregivers and professionals in the healing arts

If your life feels out of balance and you need to find support for yourself, it helps to have access to a direct way of knowing what's really right for you. Our belief is that horses' sensitivity, ability to mirror what's really going on inside of us, and their 'beyond verbal' communication skills are extremely valuable for helping you gain access to your own intuition and deep sense of where you are in the present moment. Knowing your own boundaries will help you to be there for others in a way that doesn't deplete you.

Intuitively knowing yourself helps you understand what's really going on in situations around you, which can save you a great deal of mental and emotional energy. We often spend time reacting from our 'default' positions rather than seeing what situations really require of us.

In addition, while you may know what's required of you, it's not always easy to take the first step toward putting yourself on your own 'list'. We show you how to do that…and how to hone your intuitive skills so that you know how to check in with yourself, deepen your faith in your own intuition and spend your energy more wisely as you move forward.

I've had a lot of responsibility for other people for a while and had lost touch with what's important to me. Working with these horses has made me more in touch with myself and in an interesting way, less drained by others.

Transitions as Thresholds

For those in recovery from physical, emotional and spiritual dis-eases

Not all transitions are easy, but met with self-awareness and an open mind, most can be navigated with grace. We help you slow things down, make distinctions between things that are important and things that aren't and most of all, help you access new perspectives that can make all the difference. Being present to yourself is never more important than when you're facing uncertainty — or finding a new way of relating to your life.

I felt more alive and spent less time thinking about the past or the future with those horses than I have in months. I was totally relaxed and totally energized at the same time. I went home and slept better than I had for a very long time. It's like I came home to myself.

Enhance your:

  • Self-awareness
  • Ability to relax
  • Experience new energy
  • Move into the present
  • Open your mind and heart

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