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The Equus Effect

Programs for the Workplace

The Equus Effect Photo The Equus Effect Photo The Equus Effect Photo The Equus Effect Photo

Workplace situations entail a particular set of skills and capacities to keep yourself and those with whom you work performing at their best and staying engaged. While demands on everyone's time increase, there is little information about how to build your own capacity for mental and emotional resilience.

Whether your background is a military one or whether you just have very high standards, what sets this program apart, is that working with our horses gives you instant feedback about your non-verbal communication skills. We work on how you come across, not what you say. We help you see your blind spots more clearly and show you how to get 'unstuck' rather than doing the same things over again. Trust-based leadership is closer than you think. We can teach you how to lead others with clear, congruent communication. We'll show you how to exert minimum essential pressure to get things done and help you make distinctions that save both time and energy. Our horses model what we teach and you can see for yourself – without judgement or fear of repercussions just how effective you can become.

I'd been having trouble getting my team to perform in a way that meets my own standards and that of the company. I would never have believed that a horse would solve that for me, but he did – in ten minutes. Not only that, but in a way that I'll never forget. I still use what I learned exactly as I did six months ago…and it works. I get more from my people and it's much easier for them and for me than I ever thought possible. HR — Sr. Executive

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